Dayton City Commission Meeting - August

  • I commend the City’s efforts to reduce emissions through their Climate Action Plan. • Our only concern is the plan seems to be too reliant on the electrification of everything.
  • Dayton wants to scrap all Internal Combustion Engines(ICE) and electrify all vehicles
  • The City of Dayton Climate Action Plan wants to convert its 45 Para-Transit vehicles to electric.
  • Replacing those diesel para-transit vehicles with electric buses will cost the city around $9 Million. If we purchase propane buses… it will only cost around 3 million.
  • Ohio has a long history of using propane vehicles. There are over 30,000 of them on Michigan roads
  • We agree with most of the reasons that are driving the growth of electric vehicles.
  • Our local schwans food delivery is helping us meet Dayton’s Climate Plan goals. • Their fleet of over 1,000 propane fueled delivery trucks has saved a significant amount of Greenhouse Gas emissions, Nitrogen Oxides, and Particulate Matter pollutants in the city.
  • Since 2016, Schwans Home Food Delivery’s propane vehicle fleet has reduced Nitrogen Oxides(NOx) by over 90%. Nitrogen Oxides, a known aggravator of asthma and other breathing issues, is a pollutant given off by old diesel buses.

  • Scientists along with human rights groups are pointing out the militia-controlled mining happening in the Congo are using children, their parents and other adults to mine the key ingredient in our Electric Vehicles – Cobalt. It’s a big problem when you realize the Congo supplies about 75% of the world’s cobalt.

  • Thank you Mayor Mims and our commissioners for letting me speak today

McMahans Bottle Gas has been servicing Greater Dayton families and businesses since 1955.

Clean Cities Coalition video explains the benefits of propane vehicles case/1725

The Congo supplies about 75% of the world’s cobalt in electric vehicles. They are using children, their parents and other adults to mine the key ingredient.

The City of Dayton’s - 45 Para-Transit Fleet Currently Running on Diesel,
Savings if Transitioned to Propane

Emissions Source: US Dept. of Energy, Argonne National Laboratory GREET Calculator 2022

Greater Dayton Electricity Generation Sources