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Are Summer Rolling Blackouts Coming?

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Blackouts are coming if energy policies are not changed quickly. Some Ohio Energy experts encourage residents to contact elected officials at all levels to back sensible energy policies.

“Ohio’s electric cooperatives warn of energy reliability problems caused by rising demand, fewer coal and nuclear power plants, bad market rules, and problems in the supply chain,” said Josh Greene, president of the Ohio Propane Gas Association.

Importance of Electric Reliability

Some utility officials understand that you depend on power 24/7/365. Your life and livelihood depend on it.

One production and transmission provider, Buckeye Power, supplies all 400,000 Ohio electric cooperative members, but the grid balances supply and demand. Through planned maintenance and power outage response, Buckeye Rural Electric Cooperative works daily to keep the local distribution system reliable.

Ohio Electric Officials are Concerned About Grid Reliability

  • With the electrification of transportation networks and extreme cold and heat, electricity demand is higher than ever.
  • Reliable electricity is scarce due to growing coal and nuclear plant retirements. Ohio had 21 coal facilities in 2009. Today, only four exist. Wind and solar power have yet to fill the deficit and aren’t reliable 24/7.
  • Overreaching environmental rules costs too much and offer little environmental gain.
  • Inefficient electricity market rules underpay reliable baseload power facilities with stable, controlled output and overpay intermittent sources.
  • Even though the U.S. electric industry has lowered carbon dioxide emissions by 36% since 2005 while producing nearly 5% more power, unreasonable goals and time periods have been established to reduce electricity provider carbon emissions.
  • Supply chain issues have caused unacceptable lead times for new transformers and line vehicles we utilize for local service.

Blackouts Loom Without Energy Policy Shift

North American Electric Reliability Corporation, or NERC, and PJM Interconnection ensure electric grid reliability. The Ohio power grid is managed by PJM Interconnection. Each firm has reported reliability-risky tendencies. They say rolling blackouts like those in Texas, California, nine other states, and threatened in Ohio in December 2022 are likely without a rapid energy policy shift.

Pump the Breaks

Buckeye Rural has focused on providing reliable, safe, ecologically responsible power at affordable prices to its customers in local communities for 85 years. The devotion to this purpose has remained strong, but bad energy policies threaten it.

Electric Officials urge Ohio residents to tell their federal, state, and local elected officials they support sensible energy policy.

Source: Electric Reliability threatened by current U.S. energy policy, by Kent Eldridge, Ohio Cooperative Living – July 2023